Saturday, May 15, 2021

Flower girls, flower girls, a whimsical addition! The Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964

Are you thinking of adding a flower girl and/or ring bearer to your wedding party? Are you thinking maybe two, or maybe three, or even four, what about five?
Erica and Charles did just that! They had five beautiful little flower girls ranging from the age of 2 years old to 8 years old. We didn't think the 2 year old would make it but just having her in the wedding was magical.
Erica decided to do something different then a mini bouquet or a flower petal basket for her little girls. She came up with these "floral wands" idea and they were a huge hit!!
She started with a wooden dowel that she covered with ribbon. She twisted and wrapped the green stem of a silk peony around the ribboned dowel. She then hot glued more peonies to the top. Underneath the flowers, she added white polka dot organza ribbon bows along with a pink satin edged ribbon bows. Black and white stripe ribbon in long lengths were glued with pink polka dot ribbon and a tiny pink satin ribbon. Each dangling ribbon was a different length. We spray painted a galvanized tin bucket white and added ribbon and a button on top for decoration. It was a perfect choice to hold all the wands!!!
Erica loved baby's breath wreaths for the flower girls and they looked adorable.
Here she goes, she getting ready for pictures!!
It was wonderful to see the girls get along so well. As it turned out, the two 8 year old girls paired up and the two 6 year old girls paired up! Walking down the aisle with your new friend turned out to be perfect. We add animal crackers to the vintage quilt that they sat on and everyone had a great time.
Here's Erica with the first two flower girls, Kendal and Katalin. The others joined the group shortly there after.
Are you thinking of adding flower girls to your Bridal Party? They are so much fun and add a
magical touch! I'm here to help with goodies for them! Enjoy!
Thank you Brandi Barr Photography for the photos!

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