Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wedding Trends for 2021! The Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964


Here comes the wedding trends for 2021! I sourced them from Harper's Bazaar, Pinterest, Greenweddingshoes, Wedgewoodweddings, Onefabday, Weddingwire, theKnot, countless blogs and even from the UK, all for a quick look at all the excitement!

1. RELAXED VIBES/BREAKING THE RULES: The couples are choosing to host less structured events with the emphasis on fun and designs that don't fit the classic mold. The celebrations  have more lavish decor, color, great food, entertainment and amazing photography. The focus is on mingling and conversation with quality over quantity.

2. HANGING ACCENTS: The florist are creating clever hanging florals from chandeliers, from wire, from lamps, whatever is up high. Sites are creating more overhead lighting with chandeliers, Chinese lanterns or large flowers, tiny lights, and bulb lighting. The results are stunning. Even at the Jones, we are adding more lights to our already stunning backdrops to create more magical appeal. 

3. SUSTAINABILITY: The emphasis is on putting sustainability as a top priority. I think we have all had enough waste of the throw away utensils, plates, cups and etc from 2020. It is spilling into the Wedding Industry and I am thrilled. They want to reduce their carbon footprints! The awareness of all the dumping  in the land fills is giving people new incentives not to waste. It is now all about purchasing locally (Etsy or a garden supply for flowering plants), finding a venue with natural and beautiful backdrops (YAY  JONES VICTORIAN ESTATE), Meals that are based on raw ingredients from Farmer's Markets and even implementing VEGAN options,  finding local spirits (breweries in your neighborhood) for the bar supplies, local entertainment and prioritizing how ethical and sustainable their wedding dress designer practices are. It is about finding out about what they are buying and who they are supporting.

4. OVERSIZED EVERYTHING (OVER THE TOP!): Is it a wonder? Since 2020's designs were rationed, it is the oversized fun with a HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR and BOHO (Bohemian) VIBE touches that are the rage. Large flowing bouquets,  long flowing veils, two gowns or dresses instead of one, Grooms with a change too, bouncing or groupings of balloons, sparkling hair accents, chandelier earrings, pearls, rhinestones and glitter galore,  and lots of accented colors of Ochre, Mustard, Buttery with lush greens, and the dusty hues are integrated into the theme.  I love the mismatching of China and these refresgubg color palettes.

5. HEIRLOOM INVESTMENTS: Connecting back to our past whether it is a grandmother's old China or her jewelry or even a gown, this is front and center. It is those relationships that were so devastated during this pandemic and the need to embrace them now is a priority. The treasured items that mean so much are being repurposed for and in the wedding decorations creating new memories with the accent of the past. Couples are bringing items such as candles, mirrors, and even furniture. It's about creating a personal atmosphere with history.  Here at the Jones Estate, we create just that. If you are missing those items, we have them here; vintage China, silverware, linens, quilts, chandeliers, crystal and more that will help link you to the past and history.  


6.  DIY: This is a year, DIY projects are not only being embraced but cultivated. With the enormous amount of tutorials on line, family and friends coming together to create one of a kind decorations. With the watchful eye of the Bride and Groom, these items are reflecting their style while bringing out the fun! 


7. OUTDOOR EVENTS: What can I say? The Jones Victorian Estate has hosted outdoor events for over 140 years. It does not get any better than that! The events might have fewer guests but the emphasis on close family and friends brings more meaning and love to the event and it has never been more necessary than right now. 

There is lots to look forward to in 2021 and beyond. Contact us today and let's see how we can make your dreams come true!


Michelle Gregory

the Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964


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