Saturday, May 15, 2021

New Sustainability Efforts for Weddings! It is easy at the Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964


SUSTAINABILITY! It is time and it is now.

The emphasis is on putting sustainability as a top priority in the wedding planning. So what does that mean exactly?

According to Junebugweddings: "When it comes to sustainable weddings, it's all about locally sourced and seasonal food, natural materials over plastic, recycled paper and goods, eco-friendly and all-inclusive venues, and mindfully choosing decorations (reusable is preferable).” 

I think we have all had enough waste of the throw away utensils, plates, cups and etc from 2020. We all should want to reduce are carbon footprints! 

The awareness of all the dumping  in the land fills is giving people new incentives not to waste but better, to find new ways to re-purpose. It is now all about purchasing locally (Etsy, farmer's market, or a garden supply for flowering plants), finding a venue with natural and beautiful backdrops that are all inclusive (YAY,  JONES VICTORIAN ESTATE), Meals that are based on raw ingredients from Farmer's Markets and even implementing VEGAN options,  finding local spirits (breweries in your neighborhood) for the bar supplies, local entertainment and prioritizing how ethical and sustainable practices are each purchase. It is about finding out about what they are buying and who they are supporting. 

At the Jones Victorian Estate, we offer all inclusive  events with vintage, mismatched China, vintage silverware, as well as re-purpose and recycled design elements to personalize each wedding to each Bride. 

According to google, here is a list that will help in making your event better:


  1. Incorporate natural elements in your wedding details. (such as living plants, tip eucalyptus leaves in gold paint or  branches)
  2. Choose reusable signage options instead of printed signs. (like the mirror above)


 3 Make upcycled wedding decorations.  (shutters, French Doors, frames, vintage china, tea pots etc)

4  Buy used wedding decor.  (borrow or rent!)

5. Choose reusable items over disposables. (definitely, like assorted stemware)

6. Select organic materials for your decor. (see below, the containers were covered with fabric)



Make an appointment today and let's plan your day together. With so many options, the real fun begins by bringing all the elements together.  AND, with our extended inventory, you don't have to purchase anything! We have them at NO EXTRA COST!



the Jones Victorian Estate  (714) 343-1964

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