Wednesday, May 12, 2021

"Over The Top" Designs for 2021 at the Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964- Make it your own!


As we head full steam into the new wedding season, "Over The Top" is one of the key designs for this year. Is it any wonder since for a year we were at home watching the months roll by.

What is "Over The Top"? My interpretation is anything that is taken to the extreme! Let's break it down...

It is Overhead decorations with lights, crystals, chandeliers, flowers, flags, bunting and even draping fabrics. 

 It is bigger and taller wedding Cakes. 

It is a dramatic entrance with doors, windows, mirrors, flowers, arches, trees and lights. 

It is recessional celebrations with rose petals shot from a cannon, bubble dancing from bubble machines, explosion of bio-degradable snow flurries. 

It is incredible backdrops for photos with larger than life size theme books, large paper flower backdrops, large trees with hanging lights, huge frame with wrapped flowers. 


It is huge accents on the Bride and Grooms' seating with pretty couches,  overstuffed chairs, elaborate benches. 

It is large table centerpieces with candelabras wrapped in roses, tall trees with flowers and lights, towering floral ball arrangements.

The "Over the Top" designs might seem a bit overwhelming. However, adapting that crazy style to yours is where all the fun begins. The photos above are a bit off the original idea but oh, so beautiful.

Call me today and let's see what your style is!


Michelle Gregory

the Jones Victorian Estate


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