Saturday, May 15, 2021


Haven't you heard? It's all in the details!
Why do the details matter?
Each of those special touches brings your personality to life, and what better place than your home and your wedding! 

If you are purchasing a car, you're deciding on the make and model, the color, the engine size, the interior, the special wheel treatment (some do!) and more before the final purchase...Right?

Wedding planning is really not that different! 
And, that's a perfect analogy for the Grooms that they will love!

Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, we offer so much more than just a location.
We offer the assistance, the care and the details in all our packages. 
Personalizing is our middle name... the Jones Personalizing Victorian Estate!

Your event should reflect your style and rather than being overwhelmed by the process, (did you get overwhelmed buying your last car?), this is the time for creativity (you can do it!), a time for fun (enjoying the planning equals a fun wedding day) and time that you can call your own, (seriously, it's your day!).

After all, it's your day and together we can make it grand!!
Without the extra rental costs.... check out some of these props!

Luggage, crates, silver trays, silver tea pots and smalls, and books!

An old dresser instead of a cake table, frames, assorted cake stands, pink depression glass.

Old wine barrels! Who says you can't get beer from a wine barrel?!

French doors, old doors, old windows, vintage china and
Chandelier lighting.

Shutters?! Right. Who knew they would be so cute for your seating cards. And, they re-purposed, we can use them as a vignette with the old bistro set...

Old gates with hearts... old pallets with hearts! Hearts? I love 'em.

Wine barrels as tables bases, old doors for table tops, old picnic baskets!!!

Silver and gold charger plates, old vintage blue trays, vintage tins, tea cups (stacked they are so impressive... table number or as a gorgeous accent), vintage napkins....

And of course, chandeliers and crystals. 

So, whatever your decorating style, let me help you find it!
Let's have some fun!

Call me or email me today!
(714) 343-1964 -
Have a fabulous day!
Michelle Gregory

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