Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pets are family too!

Are you thinking about adding your pet to your Wedding celebration?
Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, we think pets are part of the family too. 
If you would like to add your childhood pet or your new addition to the festivities, look no further!!!

In April, Kathleen and David will have their  two dogs in their wedding. The ring bearer Ethan and the flower girl Paige will  be escorting  their companions; Wallie and Candy, respectfully. 

Here is Cricket! My new addition to my family. She picked me at the German Sheppard rescue and she's been by my side ever since. 

And why not? 
We can work out all the details if your special fury friend is your best friend. 
Michelle Gregory
Stylist, Wedding Coordinator and Cricket's best friend

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hallowedding! Booooo

This week we are in preparation for Kristen and David's Hallowedding! That's right. They have embraced their day, October 29th, and are having so much fun!! Check out our inspirations!!!
 We are bringing in lots of pumpkins and add a bit of the "boo" factor!
 There will be dining and dancing all under the light of the Moon!!
 We found all sorts of vases, in different colors, textures and heights! We are even adding black candelabras.

 The fence will hold all the guest's seating tags! Mom is the artist and I can hardly wait!!!
Kristen wanted something different for her Bridesmaids! A floral filled lantern was just the items
What's your ideas? How can we make it fun for you? Let's talk!!!
Michelle Gregory

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mandy and David's shot glass favor and seating!!

I just received a couple of photos from Brandi of Brandibarrphotography.com and I'm so excited to share them with you!!

Here is their spectacular and colorful guestbook/gift table with the shot glasses!!! Since the Bride and Groom met at a local fun bar, they thought it would be a hoot if they used the shot glasses as gift favors. What made them a pop was the different colored organza bags that were filled with jelly beans!!! 
We added all sorts of family photos, green bottles with flowers and our green picnic basket for the gift cards and waalaa! You couldn't help but smile at all the fun it created!!!

For their seating, the cards that were tucked into the glasses were set up alphabetically! Not only was it an amazing display of color, they were yummy and  beautifully practical!!

 Here's Mandy! I love all the color!! Do you notice the vintage broach on the stems? Don't forget those personal touches!!!
 And here they are.... the M E N!!! It's fun to be so cool! Thanks guys!!!!
 The ladies used the drive as the backdrop for their photo! Who can't use another Black Dress? Those flowers really pop!!
 The wedding amongst a trellis of greens and flowers...just what the Bride ordered! Congratulations Mandy and David!
 This is my favorite time of day. It's when the Bride and Groom sneak away for just a couple of private
moments.  It really helps to slow the day down so they can enjoy it all the more!!!
Thank you Brandi!
Come see for yourself and experience the joy!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

What's your inspiration?


Here is an inspiration board that one of my past Brides, Kerrie, put together for our Give-away Photo Shoot that's coming up! The black and white theme is timeless while being fun and fresh!!

I am so excited for all the inspiration photos my Brides have come up with! We can "tweek" it and make it their own!!

What's your inspiration? What do you love? Let's talk!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What about the Men??

  What about the MEN!? 
As I was looking through  the many photographs, I realized I had inadvertently missed showcasing the MEN!
So, Here's to You!  

Thank you for your comic relief that you bring to each wedding.  (Which is priceless to me!)
Since I love to laugh, there are never any shortages with the Groomsmen! 

 Thank you JerayandKim.com for the photographs. Thank you Greg, my fge.

Thank you Travis and all your great friends! Squareeyephoto supplied the photos!

It's Gary! Thanks buddy! Another great shot from Jerayandkim.com!

A classic pose that never goes out of style! Thank you Colleen Bell for the Photograph!

To all the men in my life, thank you!!!

Streamers Anyone?

Have you ever considered streamers as one of the many accent decorations for your wedding? 
Denise did! It was bold and fun, colorful and festive while creating an breathtaking backdrop for her wedding cake!

Whether its streamers or balloons or paper flowers or luggage tags or anything else you find pleasing, if you like it then utilized it! There's power in the imagination and why not? 
It will sure be fun and completely unexpected!!
Be Bold. Be You! Go For It!
Michelle Gregory

p.s. A HUGE thank you to Michael of Memoriesbymichael.com for the photographs!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pink and Black! Wow, Brooke!!

Thank you Michael of Memoriesbymichael.com for all these photographs! I love them!!!

Heeerrrreeeee's Brooke! What a darling shot!
                                                    Brooke and Kevin were so much fun!
            Their JOY was infectious and we were all the better for knowing them!

               Here's the whole group! Yes, she got the men to wear a touch of pink!

                                                          The flower girls were so charming!!

                         The table set up reflected her pink, black and crystal theme.

                                 Don't forget the cake! Lovely, just like we ordered it!

Congratulations Brooke and Kevin!!
Thank you for the honor of allowing us to share in your day!!
Love, Michelle Gregory

The Wedding Coodinator/Planner/Designer; Michelle Gregory

Do you need a Wedding Coordinator?
The answer is simple, YES!
One of the wonderful aspects of the Jones Victorian Estate is that I'm already included. 
There is no need to look any farther!

Who am I? I am Michelle Gregory. I have been coordinating Weddings for over 20 years! One of the best features of the Jones Victorian Estate is that I only have one event per day!
                What does that mean to you? It means personalized service from the beginning to the end.

If you hired someone for just the day of your wedding, the cost starts at about $1,200.00. Really! But more importantly, why would you want them only on the day of your event?

I am there with you throughout the planning stages. We work together to create your day and have fun!
( I'm the one on the left! )
Often times, there are special needs.  I'm there to take care of them and make sure it flows smoothly. 

Who am I? I'm Michelle Gregory and I'm here for you!

How will your Wedding Arch be decorated?

As one Wedding season wraps up and another one begins, there are so many special touches that made each Wedding amazing!
 Here, are just a few of the decorated Arches that I thought you might enjoy and that might give you the courage to do what you want!!

 Denise and Jeff wanted a warm, earthy Arch. We created this by using all sorts of branches and tucking in real bird nests. We hung paper flowers from the lights above.

 Candice and Travis' Arch was a mix of flowers, lemons and limes along with different sizes of Chinese Lanterns and jewels. A beautiful display  of color and textures!

 Greg and Sarah add a beveled glass focal point to their Arch. It was a tribute to Sarah's late Grandfather and provided an elegant and rich accent to their Arch.

 Erica and Charles wanted to incorporate their polka dot theme into their Arch. We covered Styrofoam balls, added curly Willow and flowers and presto! The Arch was light and colorful!

Katie's Arch was a delectable mix of flowers, grape vine wreath and fresh greenery!

 Amber and Brandon's Arch was a beautiful combination of flowers, greens and grapevine! The floral points were accented by singular blooms that made the backdrop look fresh and natural!

 Anne and Bill's Arch was completely covered with flowers!! This decoration had very little greens and no wooden vines! It was a spectacular backdrop!

 Kelly and Joey went for something completely different. We created this backdrop from her vintage theme. The frames were hung and then the canning jars were filled with flowers.  It was fun and playful and very uniquely vintage! Unfortunately, this is my photograph. I'm sure the professional photographer was better. As soon as I have it, I'll post it.
Artichokes and Succulents added the color and texture to this Arch. Brittany and Ryan loved the mix of textures along with the flowers. There is a bit of grape vine wreath woven underneath.

What is your inspiration? It's all about having fun with each aspect of your Wedding and Reception. Let it reflect you!

Call today and let's get together!! (714) 744-1608 or email me at info@thejonesvictorianestate.com.
Michelle Gregory