Friday, October 7, 2011

How will your Wedding Arch be decorated?

As one Wedding season wraps up and another one begins, there are so many special touches that made each Wedding amazing!
 Here, are just a few of the decorated Arches that I thought you might enjoy and that might give you the courage to do what you want!!

 Denise and Jeff wanted a warm, earthy Arch. We created this by using all sorts of branches and tucking in real bird nests. We hung paper flowers from the lights above.

 Candice and Travis' Arch was a mix of flowers, lemons and limes along with different sizes of Chinese Lanterns and jewels. A beautiful display  of color and textures!

 Greg and Sarah add a beveled glass focal point to their Arch. It was a tribute to Sarah's late Grandfather and provided an elegant and rich accent to their Arch.

 Erica and Charles wanted to incorporate their polka dot theme into their Arch. We covered Styrofoam balls, added curly Willow and flowers and presto! The Arch was light and colorful!

Katie's Arch was a delectable mix of flowers, grape vine wreath and fresh greenery!

 Amber and Brandon's Arch was a beautiful combination of flowers, greens and grapevine! The floral points were accented by singular blooms that made the backdrop look fresh and natural!

 Anne and Bill's Arch was completely covered with flowers!! This decoration had very little greens and no wooden vines! It was a spectacular backdrop!

 Kelly and Joey went for something completely different. We created this backdrop from her vintage theme. The frames were hung and then the canning jars were filled with flowers.  It was fun and playful and very uniquely vintage! Unfortunately, this is my photograph. I'm sure the professional photographer was better. As soon as I have it, I'll post it.
Artichokes and Succulents added the color and texture to this Arch. Brittany and Ryan loved the mix of textures along with the flowers. There is a bit of grape vine wreath woven underneath.

What is your inspiration? It's all about having fun with each aspect of your Wedding and Reception. Let it reflect you!

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