Friday, October 14, 2011

Mandy and David's shot glass favor and seating!!

I just received a couple of photos from Brandi of and I'm so excited to share them with you!!

Here is their spectacular and colorful guestbook/gift table with the shot glasses!!! Since the Bride and Groom met at a local fun bar, they thought it would be a hoot if they used the shot glasses as gift favors. What made them a pop was the different colored organza bags that were filled with jelly beans!!! 
We added all sorts of family photos, green bottles with flowers and our green picnic basket for the gift cards and waalaa! You couldn't help but smile at all the fun it created!!!

For their seating, the cards that were tucked into the glasses were set up alphabetically! Not only was it an amazing display of color, they were yummy and  beautifully practical!!

 Here's Mandy! I love all the color!! Do you notice the vintage broach on the stems? Don't forget those personal touches!!!
 And here they are.... the M E N!!! It's fun to be so cool! Thanks guys!!!!
 The ladies used the drive as the backdrop for their photo! Who can't use another Black Dress? Those flowers really pop!!
 The wedding amongst a trellis of greens and flowers...just what the Bride ordered! Congratulations Mandy and David!
 This is my favorite time of day. It's when the Bride and Groom sneak away for just a couple of private
moments.  It really helps to slow the day down so they can enjoy it all the more!!!
Thank you Brandi!
Come see for yourself and experience the joy!!!

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