Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Vintage Look is always in Style at the Jones Victorian Estate

Dana and Michael's wedding was a beautiful blend of vintage and elegance. She was my Bride that made shipping tags truly amazing! I blogged previously highlighting those wonderful tags and showcasing the use of fresh pears that were embedded deliciously throughout the floral designs.

Here are a few pictures I stole from Jeray Lynn Photography's blog. I can hardly wait to see the rest of the photos.

Dana looks breathtaking!
Sealing the wedding with a Kiss!
The introductions are made
King and Queen
All the men up high and all together!
Dana is surrounded by the loveliness of the grounds!

Dana, your hair, your gown, all your special touches made this day truly spectacular. Thank you for choosing the
Jones Victorian Estate for your Wedding Day! I thoroughly enjoyed working with you!

Thank you Jeray Lynn Photography...a great eye!!


The Wedding Dance at the Jones Victorian Estate!

Dancing! Dancing! Dancing!

Greeting new and old dancers!
Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, one of our most beloved vendors and friends is New Energy Dance Studio's, Ms. Kathy Corcoran. Kathy is an exceptional dancer, choreographer, and Hall of Famer. Above, we have posted a few pictures of our Bride and Groom's choreographed by New Energy Dance Studio: Rachell and Travis Vasquez, and Kelli and Brian Petterson courtesy of Studio EMP and Micah Dahlberg Photography. Whether it's a fast paced cha-cha, mambo, salsa, east or west coast swing, or a dramatic and elegant waltz, fox-trott, two-stepp, rumba, or even simple slow dance, New Energy Dance Studio is your dance spot!
New Energy Dance Studio is a private dance studio--that's right a space and teacher focused on just the two of you, which enables you to feel comfortable when learning an exceptional dance choreographed just for your day! Kathy's love, care, and knowledge truly makes your wedding dance something that you and your guests will never forget. If you're thinking about dazzling your guests with a wedding dance, give Ms. Kathy Corcoran a call and tell her we sent you at 714-993-0906!

Michelle and Erica Gregory

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the Jones Victorian Under the Lights!


At the Jones Victorian Estate, we add twinkle charm to every event. Have a party under the lights and shine with radiance!
We customize each wedding for you, and isn't that the way it should be!

Here Rachell and Travis wanted to dance the night away on a dancefloor under lighted Chinese Lanterns! Dreams do really come true at the Jones Victorian Estate.
Please visit, today or call me at (714) 744-1608.
Have a wonderful day!

An outside venue at the Jones Victorian Estate

The Jones Victorian Estate is just what you are looking for but MORE!!
Lindsay and Justin's pictures are in from Katharine Rose Photography and Design. She
sent me a few I thought you'd like to see!!
Katharine took advantage of our entrance road of the Estate (this is always a huge favorite - kind of like... the road to your future!) as well as the swing in the grassy knoll (who can't resist a bit of quiet time together), interior picture (the Estate offers more backdrops that enable the photographers to show their creativity), wedding ceremony (her colors have such pop!) and bouquet details. ( up close and so pretty)
Lindsay chose all the vibrant colors to blend refreshingly with her Bridesmaid's gowns of red.
The mix of color was a welcome accent to the Estate's backdrop.
Call us today for your one-of-a-kind venue that reflects your style!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Creativity, Ideas, Dependability and Genuine Care from the Jones Victorian Estate

Dear Michelle,
We cannot thank you enough for the So many big and small ways you had been there as we dreamed about and planned for our wedding day. Thank you fo ryour creativity, ideas, dependaility and your genuine care over us! Everything looked, smelled and tasted absolutely amazing and you really helped us to savor and enjoy all the details and joy of our wedding day!
We couldn't imagine our day without you!!
With lots of appreciation, love and hugs,
Kristine and Junior Ulit

Thank you so much for your kind words Kristine and Junior! Please come back and visit because I will miss you!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

After 2 years, they are still talking about the wedding at the Jones Victorian Estate

I couldn't help posting this email! After two years, people are stilling talking about her wedding at the Jones Victorian Estate. Thank you!!!

Hi Michelle -
I am sitting here thinking about my anniversary tomorrow and I can't believe it has been 2 years since we had our amazing beautiful day. Everyone who was there still talks about what a great wedding it was. Thank you again and again for making it so special for Giles and me.
Well, I am off to polish the wine goblet so we can share a toast tomorrow!
I hope you have had another wonderful wedding season.
I wish you the best.
Thank you,
Kristin & Giles Candy

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dana & Michael: What a Pear!

What a Pear!
     This last Saturday Dana and Michael were married at the Jones Victorian Estate on a
 beautiful November day.  Amongst the gorgeous decorations of lush hydrangea and greenery, pears brought a fresh touch to November 7th.   The soft green and red hues of the pears accented Dana's colors and brought everything together deliciously!  Pears filled the vases of her centerpieces, added touches to archways, filled large vases up the aisle, and were nestled in the arch next to glimmering crystals. 

     These are a few of the pictures that we took while awaiting the arrival of our perfect pair!   Additional design touches for the day were Dana's tags that hung from Manzanea trees and programs with K embellishments hanging from each Chiavari chair.  As the guests entered, they were greeted by the personalized tags swaying in the breeze, and then walking to the back courtyard, 110 dancing Tags imprinted with K's for "Keiter" hung on the back of the chairs serving as personalized programs.  Thank you for choosing the Jones Victorian Mr. and Mrs. Keiter!

     Come to the Jones Victorian for a personalized wedding you will remember! We will post pictures as we receive them from the photographer! 


Michelle and Erica 

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kimberly and George at the Jones Victorian Estate

In October, Kimberly chose the many tones of peaches and ivories that came alive at the Jones Victorian Estate. The elegance of the soft hues were carried throughout the Estate creating a romantic backdrop of Kimberly and George.

Here, standing with her Groom at the arch and at our infamous road, she is simply radiant. George was her perfect match, dressed in his Fire Department's Dress blues. A man in uniform, Wow!

The tables mirrored her glimmering gown of ivory with champagne satin organza overlays, ivory napkins with custom menu cards, sparkling silverware and stemware, an assortment of three different sized floral arrangements and candles! Simply perfect! Well done Kimberly and George. I loved working with you and I'll miss you!!!!

P.S.: Here's their Thank you note!!

Hi Michelle,
Thank you for all you did on the day of our wedding, everything was just perfect. I could have not asked for more. The flowers were so beautiful, the tables exquisite, the food was delicious and everyone who attended said it was the best wedding they ever attended.
I could have not have done it without you. George and I had so much fun. Our DJ Jon was great, it was good to see everyone dancing including George. We have the greatest memories of our day.
Love, Kim and George Gulick.
PS I am attaching photos so you can share on your blog.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Money Dance Anyone?

If you are considering a Money or Honeymoon Dance, there are traditional ways and then the updated American version.
In many traditions, the bills are actually pinned onto the gown of the Bride and the suit or tux of the Groom. Boxes of pins have to be at easy reach for those occasions.
I found it best for the Bride to have a "money bag" and pin the bills on the Groom. It's fun!
We made a Groom's hat out of dollar bills and pinned the other bills all over his body, literally. Besides, the Groom's clothing is usually much more durable for that sort of thing.
So with that in mind, last weekend Kristine's family brought along the "pin balls" that I thought
were not only really cute but amazingly practical. No stab wounds from sticking your fingers in a pin box! These darling balls have the pearl top pins just waiting for the next guest.
No matter what, find the joy in each aspect of your wedding.

The Best of the Best! A Mother's thank you!

As I work each wedding, it is my goal that not only the Bride and Groom enjoy themselves, but the Mother as well. Today, I received a wonderful thank you note from Lindsay's mother, Kristi.
This note means so much to me. It's recognizing a job well done but it's more than that. It's about a real connection to each Bride and Groom and the joy that we can create together! I'm so glad Kristi enjoyed her day as Mother of the Bride!!
Today, I have more joy in my heart. Thank You!!

I just wanted to say thank you again for making Lindsay and Justin's day the perfect day it was! Everything was all she dreamed of and we could not have done it without all you did!
you made a Mom's job so much easier and I was able to relax and enjoy watching my daughter have fun!
Thank you again - you are definitely the best of the best!
Kristi Martin"

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blue Comes Alive at the Jones Victorian Estate

This weekend Kelli Winkle and Brian Petterson were united under a trellis of multi-colored blue hydrangea balls and hanging crystals. The aisle was dusted with white rose petals and Shepard's hooks were used to hang blue hydrangea balls creating an elegant walkway for Kelli to meet her Groom. To carry the blue theme higher, Blue and White Chinese lanterns were strung from above! They looked magical once the sun set and the lanterns were aglow!
Her bouquet was breathtakingly beautiful! I am here with Kelli!! Thank you Flower Allie, again a superb job.
Kelli was the Bride that found all the blue glass for her centerpieces. Sitting in her living room, Brian and Kelli were overrun with blue. But at the Jones Victorian Estate, the color
was refreshing, whimsical and vibrant!! Check out the centerpieces! We put clusters of three together of different sizes, shapes and density to make the tables pop.
And... how about the cake? Kelli had a light blue cake with navy blue bows on each layer.
On the top layer, two light blue love birds enjoyed a kiss amongst blue hydrangea puffs. Missy Devine Cakes also created a Groom's cake by duplicating the "Wild Cat" mascot from his Arizona Alma mater. To top off the evening, Arizona beat UCLA to the delight of all the guests.
That's not all... she included a Blue Candy Station!!!! Check out all the candy.
We had wonderful photographers, Micah and Megan Dahlberg ( were a delight to work with. From a Coordinator's point of view, it makes the event flow so smoothly. They were creative, organized and really fast which makes the picture taking process a pleasure!! Kelli and Brian will have a host of photos to choose from when they return from their honeymoon. Well done Micah and Megan!! I hope
to see you again soon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Thank you from Shana Villoria!!

I just received this wonderful thank you and I thought you'd like to read it!!

Dear Michelle,

It's been about 6 months since our wedding, and it is still so fresh in my mind because I loved it so much!

I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures with you, so you can click on this link to see them.

Also, I wrote a review about the Estate on The reviews there attracted me to the Estate, so I wanted to add to the love! You can see it here:

Thank you again, so much!!
Shana & Gerald Villoria.

Here's the new Mr and Mrs. Villoria!!!

Scattered with roe petals, Shana and her Dad walking to meet her groom.
Our Silver Candelobras filled with Shana's roses sparkled in the sunlight and glimmered in the
candles' glow.
Beautiful and graceful Shana, my bride!!
Instead of the traditional wedding cake, Shana chose a beautiful and delicious
assortment of cup Cakes. The top of the cupcake stand sat a mini cake for them
to take home or cut. They chose to cut it and enjoy it that evening.
Here's Shana and her Bridesmaids. Chocolate colored gowns and soft roses in ivory,
the palest of pinks and the softest of peaches.
Here, they are stepping out!! Their first dance was a huge hit and clearly, they enjoyed
themselves to the fullest!
A perfect picture to end my blog!! Congratulations! I can hardly wait to read the
comment on yelp?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The elegance of Red at the Jones Victorian Estate

Jack and Melina were married in June and I finally have pictures from the photographer!
Check out these selected few.
The rose petal exit is the best way to end the evening. It's the finale! The send off with lots of love and everyone had an opportunity to experience the joy! How are you ending your wedding day?
There are so many backdrops at the Jones Victorian Estate! Everywhere you turn there is another picturesque setting.
Here, the entrance road is our trademark (check out the ladies laughing and the guys jumping and kicking) but don't forget the swing, the hill, the wooded areas, the palm tree orchard and the interior of the 1881 Victorian House.
As gift favors, Melina chose the Candy Station. It's a real hit!! I think there still is a child in all of us still that enjoys a treat that we can choose for ourselves! We provided the old fashioned candy jars, tongs and scoops. She supplied the red candy that was delicious and perfect for the setting she created. Well done Jack and Melina! Love, Michelle