Tuesday, December 1, 2009

An outside venue at the Jones Victorian Estate

The Jones Victorian Estate is just what you are looking for but MORE!!
Lindsay and Justin's pictures are in from Katharine Rose Photography and Design. She
sent me a few I thought you'd like to see!!
Katharine took advantage of our entrance road of the Estate (this is always a huge favorite - kind of like... the road to your future!) as well as the swing in the grassy knoll (who can't resist a bit of quiet time together), interior picture (the Estate offers more backdrops that enable the photographers to show their creativity), wedding ceremony (her colors have such pop!) and bouquet details. ( up close and so pretty)
Lindsay chose all the vibrant colors to blend refreshingly with her Bridesmaid's gowns of red.
The mix of color was a welcome accent to the Estate's backdrop.
Call us today for your one-of-a-kind venue that reflects your style!!

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