Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The elegance of Red at the Jones Victorian Estate

Jack and Melina were married in June and I finally have pictures from the photographer!
Check out these selected few.
The rose petal exit is the best way to end the evening. It's the finale! The send off with lots of love and everyone had an opportunity to experience the joy! How are you ending your wedding day?
There are so many backdrops at the Jones Victorian Estate! Everywhere you turn there is another picturesque setting.
Here, the entrance road is our trademark (check out the ladies laughing and the guys jumping and kicking) but don't forget the swing, the hill, the wooded areas, the palm tree orchard and the interior of the 1881 Victorian House.
As gift favors, Melina chose the Candy Station. It's a real hit!! I think there still is a child in all of us still that enjoys a treat that we can choose for ourselves! We provided the old fashioned candy jars, tongs and scoops. She supplied the red candy that was delicious and perfect for the setting she created. Well done Jack and Melina! Love, Michelle

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