Monday, October 12, 2009

Candle glow at the Jones Victorian Estate!

Jinnie and Daniel were married this weekend with a wonderful theme that I have not done before. The Godfather Theme! Her ideas came to fruition with crisp white linens on the tables, high polished silver accent pieces, lots and lots of candles of different sizes, blood red rose centerpieces (half the tables had the full five dozen rose centerpiece and lots of votive candles while the other half had the rose petals with the six large candles in various sized glass vases), live musicians performing all the the "Godfather" music in the background and a four course meal that would make any Italian proud.

Jinnie's cake was her own design with the top layer covered with her jeweled lace and a special heart cake topper. The middle layer was decorated with mini candied flowers and fresh ivory roses placed between the painted roses. The bottom layer had a full line of fresh roses with a striped design in the background. The best part was that the cake was absolutely yummy! She choose rich double Chocolate cake with Chocolate hazelnut mousse filling, Almond Cake with Bavarian Creme with sliced almonds, and Marble cake with Coffee Chip Mousse. All around the cake we placed candles! Candles, Candles and more candles. The cake as you can see was all ivory just like her gown. What the picture doesn't show is that I strung candles from above and hung orchids too, to create the same charming atmosphere as the guest's tables.

The day flew by so quickly! The picture of the tables were taken before the wedding. Since the October sun sets earlier, the lighting was gorgeous! I'll post the evening pictures from the photographers when I receive them! Just remember, by adding lots of candles, you are able to create a very romantic feel at a very low cost! It's always included at the Jones Victorian Estate.


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  1. Wow...Jinnie's cake looks wonderful. Wish if I could have the same design cake on my birthday.