Friday, October 16, 2009

Table numbers with pzaaaaaazzz!

Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, I aways suggest assigned seating for dinner. I personally believe it's better than free seating. The guests don't have to worry about saving a place for dinner. Families are together, good friends mingle and nobody really has to stay at a table to reserve it. After all, it's just for dinner not for the entire event.
They can freely enjoy the Estate knowing that they have a spot ready and waiting for them.
Here are a number (sorry for the pun) of ideas that are fun and creative so your own style comes through.
Heather and Michael Makins were really creative with their table numbers with photos. Each table had a picture of the two of the holding the numbers in different and funny ways that were a delight to their guests! Each table had it's own personality!
My November Bride, Dana, got real crafty with her table numbers. She found these cute numbers, painted them and glued them to dowels and presto! Each dowel will fit easily into the centerpiece. Fun and Creative
table numbers in her colors!!
Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, we have pre-painted table numbers with beautiful flowers or silver card holders that work with any card numbers our Brides make!!
You can name your tables with places that you've been or surf sites or even baseball teams, BUT remember to alphabetize your names. Make it a more enjoyable experience for your guests by helping them find their table easier!!
Even table numbers can be a blast!
Be bold.
Love, Michelle

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