Thursday, October 29, 2009

Money Dance Anyone?

If you are considering a Money or Honeymoon Dance, there are traditional ways and then the updated American version.
In many traditions, the bills are actually pinned onto the gown of the Bride and the suit or tux of the Groom. Boxes of pins have to be at easy reach for those occasions.
I found it best for the Bride to have a "money bag" and pin the bills on the Groom. It's fun!
We made a Groom's hat out of dollar bills and pinned the other bills all over his body, literally. Besides, the Groom's clothing is usually much more durable for that sort of thing.
So with that in mind, last weekend Kristine's family brought along the "pin balls" that I thought
were not only really cute but amazingly practical. No stab wounds from sticking your fingers in a pin box! These darling balls have the pearl top pins just waiting for the next guest.
No matter what, find the joy in each aspect of your wedding.

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