Friday, October 2, 2009

Sara and Scott!! Wow!

Sara and Scott Hamilton were married at the Jones Victorian Estate this past weekend. And WOW!!! Sara mixed olive green with red to make a gorgeous wedding and Reception. Stephanie of Eckman Maus Photography was the photographer and she knocked it out of the park!!!
She's my recommendation if you need a photographer: (714) 992-5400. Check out the evening shot with our lights (now that's a party), the centerpieces with roses and curlie willow in water (she saved money by having half tall and half short!), a great group shot of the bridal party (mixing it up makes for breathtaking pictures), the ceremony in action (everyone fits and what a spectacular backdrop), a tender moment on the road (this is a must take at any wedding- our road is one of a kind!) and check out our chairs! It's enchanting. Thank you so much Steph!! It was so much fun! Now, that is what an event at the Jones Victorian Estate is all about... Private, Fun, Unique, Historical and just plain Fantastic!! WOOoooHooOO

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