Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dana & Michael: What a Pear!

What a Pear!
     This last Saturday Dana and Michael were married at the Jones Victorian Estate on a
 beautiful November day.  Amongst the gorgeous decorations of lush hydrangea and greenery, pears brought a fresh touch to November 7th.   The soft green and red hues of the pears accented Dana's colors and brought everything together deliciously!  Pears filled the vases of her centerpieces, added touches to archways, filled large vases up the aisle, and were nestled in the arch next to glimmering crystals. 

     These are a few of the pictures that we took while awaiting the arrival of our perfect pair!   Additional design touches for the day were Dana's tags that hung from Manzanea trees and programs with K embellishments hanging from each Chiavari chair.  As the guests entered, they were greeted by the personalized tags swaying in the breeze, and then walking to the back courtyard, 110 dancing Tags imprinted with K's for "Keiter" hung on the back of the chairs serving as personalized programs.  Thank you for choosing the Jones Victorian Mr. and Mrs. Keiter!

     Come to the Jones Victorian for a personalized wedding you will remember! We will post pictures as we receive them from the photographer! 


Michelle and Erica 

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