Friday, October 7, 2011

The Wedding Coodinator/Planner/Designer; Michelle Gregory

Do you need a Wedding Coordinator?
The answer is simple, YES!
One of the wonderful aspects of the Jones Victorian Estate is that I'm already included. 
There is no need to look any farther!

Who am I? I am Michelle Gregory. I have been coordinating Weddings for over 20 years! One of the best features of the Jones Victorian Estate is that I only have one event per day!
                What does that mean to you? It means personalized service from the beginning to the end.

If you hired someone for just the day of your wedding, the cost starts at about $1,200.00. Really! But more importantly, why would you want them only on the day of your event?

I am there with you throughout the planning stages. We work together to create your day and have fun!
( I'm the one on the left! )
Often times, there are special needs.  I'm there to take care of them and make sure it flows smoothly. 

Who am I? I'm Michelle Gregory and I'm here for you!

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