Monday, June 4, 2012

Color, Color and more Color!


I posted in a previous post about Kallie's color and the planning and all the fun I was having. I am pleased to announce that Nick and Kallie were wed on May 12th at the Jones Victorian Estate under a beautiful and bright sunny day!

All her special touches came to life that day.  The Estate's flowers were stunning in the background and added just what we needed to complete her special day.

An extra special Thank you to Brandi Barr Photography for capturing all the details and the fun of their day!!

Here, all the Bridesmaids are standing in support of Kallie as she spoke her vows. I love their floral dresses!

 Now this is a great photograph! I love the energy and of course... the color is spectacular!

The Arch was decorated with beautiful  ribbons of different widths, colors and textures. I added flowers to the ribbons that created a  playful yet elegant Arch. It was colorful yet romantic and all those ribbons had movement!  They swayed in the soft breezes!!! It was a gorgeous backdrop for the ceremony.
Nice Kiss!!!

Ahhhh, the gazebo! The ribbon skirting for the cake table! It's color and it's just gorgeous!! Where's the cake?

Kallie's sign welcomed the guests to the ceremony site and I added the little floral touch on the right.
 I found an old white frame, wired three of her colorful mini milk jugs to it, added flowers and tied it to the gate along with one of her framed flowers and... Waalaa, it's so cute!!!
 I just love the special detailed decoration!

Props! I found this old colorful parasol and instantly thoughts of Kallie! It adds just the right element for the shot and for the day!

Thank you Kallie and Nick for choosing the Jones Victorian Estate! I loved working with you and I miss you dearly!!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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