Friday, January 6, 2012

Be Original... How about a Vintage Schwinn Bicycle?

I was rummaging around in the Estate's garage and look what I found?!  A woman's 1963 White (with pink lettering and accents) Schwinn Bicycle! When I saw it, I thought... "What a perfect piece for accenting one of my weddings and/or for a great photo opportunity for the Bride! It's all original and so dog-gone cute!!

I added a floral basket and waalaa! It's just perfect!
After  taking the first photo, I found a men's blue bicycle too! It's just perfect for the Groom! There's a basket for drinks and snacks. Where's the beer? 

See you later! I'm off on a ride in the sunshine!!!

It's getting better and better at the Jones Victorian Estate!
Stylist and Coordinator

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