Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From My Heart to Yours!

I have loved hearts for so long, I really don't remember when I wasn't fascinated by them. Since this year of 2011  is quickly coming to an end, I thought I'd post a little love... from my heart to yours. After all, I think we all need a little bit more love.

Katie and Teddy, 9/10/11! I love you!

 Erica and Charles' pie! In addition to the cake, pies and croquembouche was the order of the day! I love you!
When one of our trees crushed our swing and white picket fence, I took the opportunity to show more love! This is our new gate to the grassy area with a heart! I love it!
Kristen and David's Hallowedding with an appropriate black heart! I love you!

A heart was made of rose petals in the grassy area for one of our weddings! As the guests arrived, it was one of the first details they saw and it warmed their heart! I just loved it!

 Laura and Matt chose heart-belled table card holders for their guests. We rang those bells for more kisses and love! I love you!
This holiday season, I enjoyed the art of decorating sugar cubes! My first design was a puffed pink heart! The second design was a puffed red heart. The third design was a flower! hehehe I bet you thought I'd make another heart!  It's a gorgeous presentation and a beautiful gift that I love giving!  I love it!

I was looking for art projects and ran across this wine cork heart! Being a heart enthusiast, I quickly copied the picture. Since I have tons of corks from the last couple of weddings, guess what? Yes, I'm going to make one! I think it would be perfect at the bar!
I love it! 

Daniel and Jinnie found this beautiful cake topper! I loved it because the couple is surrounded by a heart! Who knew! I love you!

Sarah and Greg (mfg) added our incredibly, beautiful beveled and etched glass piece to their arch decoration. At the center of the piece is a heart. It's flanked by hearts on each side, presenting their two lives becoming one! I love you!

So, here are just of few pictures of magic I like to call love. I hope this holiday season is filled with love. I'm sending it your way. 

Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator

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