Monday, December 5, 2011

Engagement Shoot for Brandi and Josh!!!


Yesterday was such a gorgeous day and we took advantage of our good luck by having Brandi and Josh take their engagement pictures. There are so many reasons to take your engagement pictures at the Jones Victorian Estate, here are just a few!!

1) Your photographer gets the "lay of the land" so to speak. He's able to check out all the different
locations that he can't possibly get during the wedding and reception.
2) You and your finance have the Bride's room and Groom's room for your change of outfits!
3)  You and your photographer get to know each other better at the same location of your wedding!
(He can't get lost or be late!)
4) As a couple, the more you visit the Estate, the more at home you'll feel!  

Here, Brandi was in a white lace dress accented with Red boots and belt and Josh in his red plaid shirt!! Perfect for the rustic shots! Wait until you see her sequined dress and  Josh in his tie at the sunset shots!!

Brandi and Josh had pictures out in the "meadow", up on the hill over looking the city and in the palm farm where the trees line up like sentries. They walked all over and climbed - Brandi in heels!! I was able to see a couple of quick pictures from their photographer and they are INCREDIBLE!!  Here's what I took it with my camera phone!!! Geez! I can hardly wait to post the "REAL" ones!!

Have a lovely holiday!!
Michelle Gregory

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