Monday, December 5, 2011

Jelly Is Not Just For Your Toast!!

Hi, Happy Holidays!

Today, while I was making  Pomegranate Jelly for family and friends this holiday season, I remembered a gentleman named Michael at one of the weddings this year. Just thinking about him had me smile and I thought this would be a fun post. 

I was running around during a wedding earlier this year trying to locate all the members of the Bridal party for the introductions. An elderly gentleman came up to me and said, "What's going on? Who are you looking for?"
 "The Bridal party," I said, "I getting ready for the toast!"
 "Ahhh," he replied with a youthful grin and said, "I'll have mine with jelly!" 
I  stopped right then and there and had a good laugh! I hugged him and told him I was going to write about him on my blog. He said his name was Michael, the uncle of the Bride, from Oregon. True to my word,  this is Michael's story. A wonderful man who made me laugh  and smile all night long. So... Thank you Michael, this blog posting is dedicated to you, my new friend and jelly enthusiast!!

So, I was thinking... what about Jelly??!!
It's a great gift favor idea and one that everyone loves. Besides, what is peanut butter without Jelly, 
or as Michael said; Toast with Jelly?

I have had two Brides in the recent past that have taken advantage of this special fruity treat to the amazement of their guests.  It takes time to make it but anything this great does!

Here, my Bride Kristen, her sister and Mother made Strawberry and Raspberry Jams as a special treat to their guests. We displayed the jars on a separate table with a lovely sign that read, "Spread the Love."  The guests selected their  jar of jam as they exited the property as a special thank you from the Bride and Groom.

Another Bride, Katie Schmidt-Dyer made Jalapeno Jelly, her colors were purple and green, as their gift favor. They were delightfully decorated and placed at each place setting. The rich, emerald green color sparkled in the sun light and added a homespun feeling to the tables. 

Are you thinking about Gift Favors? Give them something they'll love... Jelly is a great idea.
My jars of jelly are ready for adornment! Happy Holidays!!

Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator

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