Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Cake Topper and an Event Stopper!

I just love the cake tasting and cake designing portion of the planning. Seriously, who doesn't like dessert?
There are lots of options; what flavors and colors, whether to use lace or ribbon,  flowers or a cake topper, is it going to be a three layered or a huge tower of icing magic? 
I thought this posting will help you see a few of the options we have enjoyed at the Jones Victorian Estate. 
What do you think?

 Katie Dyker chose a two layered delight with vintage lace and a flower on top and vintage lace! Her flowers and artistry was  Simply Gorgeous!

 Hillary Murphy went with an icing-less cake with a vintage cake topper!  Her entire wedding had that
wonderful homespun feeling utilizing all her vintage inventory!Her mother made the cake top in their likeness. In fact, she has her own site now and is offering special, personalized, vintage cake toppers to order!!! Contact her: Dawn NicholsCoronation Cake Toppers,, and

 Sara Hamilton chose a Fire Fighting topper just like her new husband! It reflected her fun loving personality!

 Amber Willson decided she wanted a silver Monograms for her towering masterpiece. The clean lines of the initials were the perfect finish for their cake.
 Summer McMasters wanted a delicate and loving accent that reflected their style for the cake topper. She found this wonderful find at an antique store in downtown Orange! Absolutely lovely.

 Jinnie Liu, a fashion designer,   incorporated all of her design elements into her cake!  She found this lovely heart shaped Llardo for the finishing touch.

 Kristen Cushman broke all rules and standards and just had plain ole fun!! Her hallowedding was full of skeletons, black crows and cats, spiders and ghosts! What do you think she wanted for her cake? A spooky themed cake with "Love never dies" skeleton cake topper! It was a fantastic wedding full of lots of fun and love!! It was definitely an event stopper!!!

Denise Magstadt added a cake stand to the bottom layer and flowers with fruit on top of the top layer and bottom  layer. The colors were striking and went with her ruffled streamers! Who thought flowers, fruit and streamers would work so well together?

Megan Krueger had a blast finding her fishing themed cake topper! An avid fisherman, Andy enjoyed her enthusiasm to his sport.

This vintage cake topper from the 1940's is a wonderful keepsake! I love the detail and simply artistry.
What kind of cake topper do you want? It will be fun finding out!!!

Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator

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