Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jill & Damon's Rockin' Roll Red Wedding!


Here are some pictures from Jill and Damon's rockin' roll red wedding at the Jones Victorian Estate! The Bride and Groom are one of our L.A. couples
who love music and wanted to include musical elements into their entire wedding.

When guests entered the Estate, tables with whimsical centerpieces of chinese orchids, roses, red Gerbera, and dahlias, topping a vintage record greeted them. For their table numbers, Jill and Damon made street signs with actual streets from Los Angeles and included a story below each of the street names.

Surprise! V.I.P. Passes!! Jill and Damon wanted to do something
different then traditional guest, n
ame tags. Guests got invited to their V.I.P. wedding with their very own personalized V.I.P passes complete with nicknames and
their seating assignments. Guests loved the VIP Passes and wore them throughout the entire event!

For the arch, Jill went with bright red Gerbera's along with black magic roses to make a beautiful, bold statement for her rockin' roll, red wedding.

These are just a few we took!! Check back soon for professional pictures from Wesley Kong

Love & Hugs,
Michelle & Erica

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