Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Jones Victorian Estate, the site for you!

Here are just a few of the many spectacular locations at the Jones Victorian Estate!

The Vienna Gates are a beautiful detail backdrop!!
Photo by Kim of KimRobbinsphotography.

Here, Erin and Gab are enjoying their beautiful wedding day by the brook!
Photo by Joel of EMPStudios.com

Our famous and fabulous road shot!! Yes, it's our road coming into the property!
Photo by JimKennedyphotography.com

We have our own swing and perfect for some cuddling time!
Photo by Michael of Memoriesbymichael.com

The hill shot! Just another location that is breathtaking at the Jones Victorian Estate!
Photo by Joel of EMPStudios.com

There are always flowers at the Jones Victorian Estate! Photo by Michael of MemoriesbyMichael.com

The Jones Victorian Estate is more beautiful than ever! Check out some of these locations!! AND Guess what?? They are all right here! Talk about diversity, the Jones Victorian Estate is it!
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