Sunday, July 17, 2011

Green never looked so good!! Are those wine bottles?

I just love this table!! The mixture of green bottles, assorted green vases with a pop of burgundy is amazing!

Check out the quilt as the overlay! The wine cellar as the back drop, it's to shabby either!!!

We used a burgundy napkin and accented it with wired corks! A gold bead on the top and presto!

Rich burgundies and reds made this green container pop!! If you can use a variety of textures, each vase will have a character of their own!

Wine bottles added just the right touch. We added slender candles to the wine bottles as the sun set! Let's talk about romance without hurting the budget!!

Large vases, small vases, tall or short, they all worked with this incredible design.

A big shout out to Alison of Flower Allie of Fullerton for your amazing flower design. Thank you for seeing my vision. A big shout out to Joel of EMP Studios for the stunning photographs!

What's your vision? I bet I can help you make it better. Let's have some fun together!!!!
Michelle Gregory

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