Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Please buy American this holiday season!


We can all do our part this holiday season by buying American!! The news reported that we'll be spending close to 3 BILLION dollars this Christmas! So, I thought it would be fun giving another idea to your gift giving....

       Gregory Palm Farms is a local business and has an amazing variety of palms for sale. AND, they
deliver and install. If you have a parent or grandparent or husband or wife or friend that has everything, how about a yard up-lift with a beautiful palm tree or trees! Did you know the Butia Palm, known as the Jelly Palm, has delicious seeds? Yes, they do. I make jelly... it's called Jelly Palm Jelly!! They taste like a woodsy apricot! I bet you didn't know palms have fruit!!

Palms can be for the yard; plant it in the ground or create a lovely accent with a palm in a pot with flowers or spruce up an old planter. Giving green helps the environment, helps us breathe and is a terrific gift that's American. I thought you'd like to know!

Go to and check out all the varieties!! You won't be disappointed!!!!

I wish you the very best this holiday season.
Michelle Gregory

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