Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is Orange the new Pink in garden weddings? It's Orange at the Jones Victorian Estate

     I don't know if that's really true but  Amber decided on both colors and it was incredible.  If you are looking for a garden wedding, look no further than the Jones Victorian Estate. With the special florist touch of Flower Allie and all the flowers at the Estate showing their colors,  it made for some breathtaking photographs! (Compliments of

       Amber selected two shades of orange with hot pink. We 
 carried that theme throughout the entire Estate. The Bouquets, arch, cake and centerpieces all reflected these brilliant colors. We added decorative touches 
with urns on the Vienna gates, wreaths for the cherub fountains, floating flowers in the bird baths and pocket urns for the Bride and Groom's chairs.

       The overlays and the chair cover ties accented the fruit and  floral centerpieces. I love the look of fruit in the centerpieces, it gives the whole courtyard a yummy and fresh feel.  Let's not forget the menu cards too! They were a lovely 
detail that did not go unnoticed!

The arch was a spectacular backdrop for the back courtyard. The combination of the waterfalls and the bright colored flowers made this setup unforgettable.  It was just so happy! As the sun set, the tiny white lights underneath the flowers added a golden glint to the evening celebration. 
     Here at the Estate, each Bride's style is reflected! I'm here to assist you during the entire process.  Enjoy the splendor of a site that is ALL yours! Enjoy the Estate's private venue. Enjoy a family tradition! Years from now, I would love you to be able to come back and visit and remember that joy. 

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