Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The time change for the better at the Vintage, Jones Victorian Estate!!

I love the time change in spring time because I am an early riser anyway.  The mornings are fresher this time of year and our flowers are starting to show their full potential. The Jones Victorian Estate is that vintage venue for all occasions. 
I was reviewing
our photo file from last year and the colors are spectacular!  I thought I'd share some of them
with you here. The bright oranges, pinks and reds are breathtaking. The soft pinks and yellows are romantic and feminine. No matter what color you chose, it's your day so have fun with it. 
Here, Annie brought her red accent to her napkins and cake by incorporating the red gingham print.  We added different shades of beautiful red and hot pink roses, red peonies, red and pink gerbra daises and orchids to create an  amazingly romantic and stunning event. In addition to the cake, they offered their guests homemade pies (Simply From Scratch pies from  Pie, oh my, we love pie!  The homemade Lemon Meringue pies and  homemade Berry Blast pies (keeping with the red theme!) were big hits. Actually, there was cake left over but no pie! 
She had a down home barbecue with all the fixins.  Each guest was furnished with dental floss and hand wipes that were tucked neatly inside the napkin along with their menu card.  
  In keeping with her theme, I even remembered the Cherry popsicles for the little ones!

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