Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary to my March Brides!!

Happy Anniversary to my March Brides! Another year and I can hardly believe it. I look forwarded to looking at my list of  Brides that were married here. So, for March thank you and Happy Anniversary:
Judy and George Willis III - March 2, 2002, Heather and Chad Seaman - March 11, 2000, Elizabeth and Joey Kaewpalug - March 20, 1999 - I love their Christmas cards with all the children! They had twins like me!! Lindsey and Bill Fowler - March 23, 2002,  Olga and Ovi Virge - March 25, 2000, Angie and Gabe Torres -  March 29, 2003.
We have more from the 1980 - 1998! I will post them shortly. 

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