Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To Prop or not to Prop... that's the question!


"Do Props really make a difference to my day or overall design? How much is to much? How do I find props? What kind and how large of props do I need? Is anyone going to really notice if I have props or not?"

To Prop or not to Prop... that's the question. Let me help!

A prop can be something as simple as an old suitcase. You can sit on it, use it for card gifts or create a special vignette. A prop can be large such as a special couch and have pictures with your entire bridal party having more fun on it. A prop can be a special old table with seating cards displayed on it, ornate bottles for your centerpieces, home made bench for photos, glass or stained glass windows for backdrops. There are all sorts of props. It's up to you! It's what draws your attention and makes you think.

A vignette of precious items, both old and new! It's easy and adds a touch of romance.

Here, Hillary's father made this Moon photo bench for the backdrop of their Polaroid pictures and we hung the fabric with stars!

If you "have" to like it, it's not for you. If you are worried about it, it's not for you. A prop is an item that makes you smile and have fun with it! A prop is an item that shows the guests who you are.
Do you have to have a prop? Absolutely not!

Would I like you to think about it? Absolutely, yes! It can add more character and detail to your event but only if YOU want it.

Be bold! Have fun! Be you!

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