Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Guest Book/Gift Table

The Guest Book/Gift table is typically where the guests "sign in" at a book and retrieve their dinner seating. It's a place for the gift and a general starting point for the event. 
Why not make this table a beautiful focal point while being a practical vignette?
To give an example of what I mean, below are a couple of my favorites. 

Here, Carissa and Lee had a completely separate table for the sign in book. Rather than a table, it was a mirrored cabinet she found on Craig's list. She added a pretty lamp, a special box for the card gifts and  she made two simply gorgeous scrapbooks.   The guests had their choice of page and book in which to leave a their special note. 

I added the window and personalized it to them to complete the design. The finished product was fun, beautiful  and completely functional.

Ashley and Jim went with vintage fun! The table was draped with lace and heart burlap bunting. She made a cute card box and a instagram sign for the guests. I used vintage silverware boxes, tins, crystal, vintage places, stacked tea cups, old pitchers, an old metal arch and of course, a chandelier! 
It was perfect because during the ceremony, we transformed it into a snack table! (I'm waiting for pictures from the photographer!)

Kelly and Joey went with a family theme for their table. Family photos, their engagement photo, old family books, vintage postcards with an old toast holder to display them, her pretty fabric that brought in her colors....

Then I added the flowers, the vintage typewriter with a special typed note from the Bride and Groom, an old purse basket for the safety of the card gifts.  This table was warm, inviting and fun while being completely practical.

Hillary loved the vintage look. Her table was draped in vintage lace and she used an old suitcase with her special finds! Her guest book was created when...

the guests took their picture with the old fashioned backdrop. (Her Father made it!) The camera in the photograph was made to look like the old style! Hillary's mom and dad had a special hand in helping her vision come together. 

Denise and Jeff went with the rustic feel for their guest book table with burlap, a branch framed board for the seating cards (the pins had pebble on top), an old egg basket for the programs, a beautiful apothecary jar for the card gifts, photos in rustic frames and 

a kumquat tree arrangement as the centerpiece. 

It's another detail that you might not have put that much thought into. It's really worth the extra effort! Remember, it's usually the first detail the guests see so have fun with it.
Don't forget the card box for the card gifts! It can be an old hat box, an old sewing box, a decorated cigar box, a trunk or small suitcase, a wrapped box with a slit on the top... whatever you decide, have a safe place for those gifts!
Enjoy the process!!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones  Victorian Estate

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