Thursday, February 27, 2014

What Kind of Hanger Will You Use For Your Gown?

Have you thought about what  hanger you will use for your gown? I agree, It's a small detail.  I love all the components that when added  altogether, become spectacular. The Hanger is one those elements.
Here, the gown is hanging in our painted Bride's room closet. Hanger?

Here, the gown is suspended from one of our old arches. Hanger?

I always keep a stash of satin padded hangers just in case we need one for the gown or gowns, or bridesmaid's dresses. They come in a delicious variety of colors and just add an elegant touch to the overall photograph.

BUT, how about a Rhinestone hanger? If you love bling, it's a great look and a wonderful keepsake!

Where did I find it? I made it! I started with an old wooden hanger. I painted it silver then wrapped and glued the Rhinestones over the entire hanger. The silver bow was next and then an old vintage rhinestone earring completed the project. 
It's that easy. 
Do you have a hanger ready? 

Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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