Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pink, But Look What We Did!

Pretty in Pink... it never looked so good. 
Did you ever think of using an old quit for an overlay?
Did you ever think about using your family photos as an inspiration for your overall design?
Did you ever wonder if your little collectibles would enhance a centerpiece?
Did you ever just want something different but with a real homey touch?
Did you ever wonder how you can do it?

Well, I hope your answers to some of these questions are a responding Yes!
I'm here to help!
Look what we did with the help of Alison at Flower Allie of Fullerton and Joel of EMP Photography!

 We actually started this design with the quilt and the family photographs as inspiration.
 We added a pink Tea Pots, pink gloves, pink vases with rich texture...

 Added mini photographs of grandparents,
Added an old pink water pitcher, an old floral pink plate and... 

stacked some of the arrangements on two silverware boxes and added a delicate bouquet with lace and ribbon and waalaa... a masterpiece. Not only beautiful to look at but endearing and interesting for your guests.  Each table was different but all had a wonderful elegant feel that was so unique!

We didn't stop there! We added delicate fine china, vintage napkins wrapped in pink pearls and tucked a rose embossed menu under the napkin!

When flowers are added to the overall design, it becomes fuller and more interesting while being absolutely beautiful!

Thank you Flower Allie for seeing our vision and Joel at EMP Studios for capturing it!!

Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator
the Jones Victorian Estate

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