Monday, April 16, 2012

Candelabras; White, Black, Silver and Gold?

 Candelabras... ahhhh! The romance and elegance of the candle's glow. 
They are a wonderful addition to any centerpiece or like below, actually part of the centerpiece!

They can be White. How about the dramatic effect of black? Here, we accented them with bright yellow flowers but any color would be spectacular! Stacy and Joe's centerpieces were breathtakingly beautiful.

 Where do you find these candelabras? I find them at Estate sales, Thrift stores, Flea Markets. They are fun and can change your centerpiece from wonderful to gorgeous.
They might be painted fuchsia or yellow,  but look past the color to the design.
You might have found a real gem like this brass candelabra!

 This candelabra is painted ivory. They are going to be paired together with Hobnail glass for a unique and vintage setting.

 Silver? Yes, ahhh Silver! It never goes out of style. Add a tall candelabra or short, it doesn't matter. Each one brings the elegance of silver and style of romance!

 Here, Kristen and David had their Hallowedding in October. We brought out the black candelabras added flowers, pumpkins, flowers, burlap overlay and a spooky table number to create their scary centerpieces that were a huge hit.

It doesn't matter if the sun sets later on your wedding day. 
Candelabras are a wonderful accessory that gives a WOW effect to any arrangement. Think about it!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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