Sunday, January 16, 2011

White Milk Glass.... or is it?

Have you ever searched for Milk Glass and only became disappointed by the price or the glass itself?
Well, here's a solution for you!! Alison, of Flower Allie in Fullerton, told my Bride, Elise, and I about a process of turning regular glass vases into beautiful milk glass look-a-like. She found it on a MBS blog! I think any great idea is worth sharing!
All you have to do is find some great looking glass pieces at swap meets, garage sales, antique stores or better yet, thrift stores. The more unique the better the outcome! Next, make sure the glass is clean and free of tags. Line all your pieces up and spray them with flat white Kyron Fusion! Make sure you let them dry overnight. If you are worried about peeling or chipping, a clear sealer may be added. I didn't find it necessary!
We had so much fun at the florist working out all the details for her centerpieces using different textured and colored glass, pearls, ribbon, lace and milk glass pieces. Since she is using milk glass with the crystal glass as the bases for the centerpieces, it gives us another option if we can't find what we are looking for. In the picture above, can you see the difference between the real milk glass and the other?
Elise loves the idea of lots of Baby's Breath for her wedding to create a real romantic feel. We added more flowers to balance the centerpiece and walaaa! Eight different glass pieces for each table! It's going to be fresh and lovely!!

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