Friday, January 14, 2011

Mixing and Matching in Different Ways!

I thought today I would highlight just a few features that we created here at the Jones Victorian Estate. By "we", I mean me, the bride and our brilliant florist, Flower Allie.
It is my hope that I can encourage you to be bold in your creativity and sure footed in your decision making. It's not always easy at first but it can be unbelievably FUN! So here we go....

First, here we have our vintage silver tea pots. Now in the past, we have had a singular tea pot as the centerpiece. However, look at the WOW factor, the elegance and the beauty when you mix smaller silver pieces with the larger Tea Pots. I had one tea pot pouring into the other, in a stack, with flowers drizzling out it's spout! It was a feast for the eyes! Thank you Joel at EMP Studios in Fullerton for the photos!

Next, we have an unusual napkin treatment with corks and wires. We added palm seed pods to the plate to enhance the wine bottles we used as centerpieces. The bottles were a mix of the color green, mix of sizes and all with burgundy and green floral accents! We added a vintage "Crazy Quilt" for the linen overlay and here's that WOW factor again! Wine bottles are beautiful in their mix of color and design and a wonderful way to get more out of the presentation!! Wine anyone?

Here, an old cabinet door was transformed into a beautiful keepsake. My neighbor was remodeling and I helped him by taking all his old cabinet doors. Ms. Janey Saavedra of "Liquid Language" helped with this sign by hand painting the names and date, we added the canning jar filled with flowers, the Bride found and added green knobs to the board that we used to hang it on the entrance gate leading back to the ceremony site. This was EASY and FAST and look at the impact of this feature. Gorgeous!

Whatever your color or theme is, there are countless items that can be used in different ways that can create an amazing pop to your overall look. If you don't have a color and theme yet or can't think of one, start with your gown! Your wedding gown sets the stage for all the decorations and themes. Everything should accent you! If you need help, call me!!!


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