Monday, August 13, 2012

Pink Flowers... Up Close and Personal!

You have chosen your Gown and the Bridesmaid's dresses are ordered. Now, you are trying to decide  which flowers to use for your bouquet?
 I think the best starting point is to find out first what flowers are in season. 

Diana's heart was set on all the beautiful Pink flowers so Alison at Flower Allie in Fullerton, helped us bring the colors and textures together. 
One of the main focus of the bouquet is to accent the Gown. 
Alison came up with amazing suggestions!!

 The hot pink Ranunculas was a definite first choice for their spectacular color. Stephanotis (small, white star like flower)  with little crystals hidden inside was next. The soft, fluffiness of the pink blush peony (multi-petal flower next to the bright pink Ranuncula) was a terrific recommendation. The Country Style ivory roses (tucked between the two hot pink Ranunculas) brought a touch of romance. The Pink tipped Lisianthus  (soft petals to the left between the hot pink Ranuncula and pointy Astilbe)for its heartiness and softness was added. The pink Sweet Peas (far left) was chosen for their delicious scent! They were a must!  For the soft texture and wispiness,  Alison advised us on  the delicate ice pink Astilbe (the pointy, delicate flower on the left).
 One more item was needed ... the crystal broach accents!
  So, minus the ivory country Roses, the ice pink Astilbe and the white Stephanotis, the Maid of Honor's bouquet was everything PINK!
 The ice pink Astilbe in Diana's bouquet mirrors the delicate lace of her gown.
We started with the bouquets to find color and texture of the flowers and then moved on to the Ceremony decorations and the centerpieces. It was really a snap, once we knew what flowers we were using!!
                                    Thank you so much, Alison at Flower Allie for a spectacular job! A big Thank you again  to MichaelJonathanStudios for always supplying me with the best images!!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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