Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hand Tinted Photographs for a Real Vintage Look!

So, if you're working on your "vintage" look, I'd like you to consider this really easy and fun project.
Hand Tinting!
Years ago, I used paint the photographs to achieve the hand tinting look I wanted.
Today, it's really easy, cleaner and a lot more fun. Let me explain...
First, download a variety of  photographs and change the "effects" to Black and White.
Print the size you need for your frame; i.e. 5 X 7 or 4 X 6 or any size (I used 4 X 6) and print them on plain ole' copy paper. 
Let the Photograph Dry Completely!
Using colored pencils of your choice, start adding the color to the details of the image!
I use a slightly heavy hand with the colored pencils.  I then go back with a clean eraser and"blot" the color to blend and soften. 

In this first photograph, I accented the window frame. 
In the second, I added color to Allison's floral dress and lips!!!!
Remember, hand tinting is generally not for the entire photograph but rather for special touches.

 A before and after shot of the photograph!

These photographs will be added to the floral centerpiece.... check out what I'm doing below!

This is amazing, if I may say so myself. What's here?
A double-decker, wooden silverware box, lace, silver candy dish, small silver accent pieces,  silver single candelabra and a fun glass bottle table number. 
BUT, I opened the drawer... added flowers and a photograph of Brandi and Josh (my past Bride and Groom) that I used as a sample of this way-cool centerpiece!!!
Brandi, I kept my gift favor! :)

It's multi-dimensional and multi-colored and just plain beautiful!
And it's just the sample mock up!!
Thank you Flower Allie for the beautiful flowers!!!
Hand tinting! Who knew?
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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