Sunday, August 12, 2012

How To Get Your Guests More Involved?

Wouldn't it be great for  your guests to feel more part of your event?
I think so and that's what I work so hard with during all my events. 
  So, whether its the extra service we provide with the drinks or hors d'oeuvres,  the overall service or just good ole hospitality, I want the guests to really enjoy themselves.

At Diana and Michael's wedding, the Maid of Honor thought it would be so much fun if there were headbands for all the ladies!
Since Diana's colors were pink and black, they came up with a beautiful arrangement to display all the finery!
As the ladies signed in at the guest book, they were encouraged to  select and wear a headband of their choice. I saw ladies of all ages laughing and enjoying this special gift just for them.

                                There were feathers and jewels and ribbons galore on the headbands.
They went to downtown L.A. shopping district and found some and made others!

 Even the Mother of the Groom had a special headband set aside just for her! 
Dressed in Pink for her Son's wedding, her head piece was a lovely accessory.

Either the ladies were wearing their finery for the ceremony or waited until they found a mirror to put it on just right after the ceremony!

My Staff and I got in the act too! Diana loved that everyone was decked out in Pink

The guest book/gift table is the perfect place for this presentation! 
It's the first place the guests stop and the first place to feel extra special!

How to get your guests more involved? 
With just a little bit of effort... spread the love.
Whether it's sandals, headbands, hankies, pashminas,  fans or anything else, the extra touches you offer makes the event extra special for everyone! 

Thank you for the beautiful photos!!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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