Friday, November 2, 2012

From Idea, To Mock Up, To Fruition!!


I thought I'd share with you another beautiful example of the stylizing process I take with my Brides.
In this case, it was the lovely Allison for her wedding in September. 

On a previous post, I demonstrated how to turn a beautiful photograph into a spectacular photograph with hand tinting. My idea was to make the photograph pop with a hint of color!
I had wonderful responses to that particular post so I thought you'd like to see the entire creation.

Stage 1: This was the mock up of the centerpiece to give Allison and her Mother a better visual of what I was suggesting and was talking about. (The centerpieces consisted of two types; 1.Vintage double-decker wooden silverware boxes for the base, lace, silver candy dishes and silver smalls and silver candelabras, 2. vintage wooden Silverware boxes for the base, lace, crystal cake stands, crystal smalls and crystal candelabras) I used some silk flowers I had to give it a bit of color but for reference only.  Notice in this mock up photograph, I hadn't thought of the putting a photograph in the open drawer until a bit later. Even the table number was a mock up!

Stage 2:  Food tasting gave me an opportunity to make a  centerpiece sample with real flowers and a better table number! Just before dinner, I added  a photograph in the drawer (not Allison and Kyle) for fun.
Everyone loved it!

Stage 3: I was thinking that a regular photograph just wouldn't do with all the vintage accents. So, I came up with the idea of hand tinting the photograph (picture posted from a previous blog) to add pop.  
I included silver frames to go with the silver accents on those specific tables. (I roughed them up a bit too!)

Stage 4:  The real McCoy! The day of the wedding!! Complete and beautiful!

Stage 5:  Don't forget your napkin treatment. It's a really fun accent that can really embellish your table.

I love the way it turned out!!

Allison's Mother did a wonderful job with the table numbers!!

Here's a photograph of the crystal tables. These tables used the single wooden silverware boxes for the base and lots of crystal accent pieces.

I hope you love the presentation as much as we did!
I have a question for you...

Is it time to get designing and planning?

It is at the Jones Victorian Estate!!
Smiles and Love,
Michelle Gregory

p.s. A huge thank you to Flower Allie for the stunning flowers and another one to for the photos.

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