Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Magic Window!


The elegance of the right backdrop makes the Photographers job a bit easier and a lot more creative.
Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, it's a backdrop heaven!
The front window is just one of the many many locations that I look forward to at each wedding.
 I  know what the past photographers have captured. 
So,  it's always exciting for me to see what the next photographer will come up with! 
I move furniture, turn on or off lights, adjust the drapery and the Bride's gown... anything to help make their experience and the end result, AMAZING!
What do you think?

Lovely light work by Kevin Vu Photography with the stunning Brianna Miller/Romero!
I love the tiny detail of the light from above!

 An elegant shot by BrandiBarrPhotography of the beautiful Sara Cargill/Oaks!
 I love the softness of the picture.

 Hillary Nichols is illuminated in this gorgeous photograph! I love the detail on her gown!
Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the photographer!

I loved this one of  Shelby and Justin Castells!  
Michael Johnathan Photography, aka MemoriesbyMichael.com, always gets the freshness of the natural light. He captured their joy!!!

Brandi and Josh Coker, what fun! I can see the sparkle of mischievousness in her eye as she looks at the camera. They really enjoyed the entire picture taking process!

Eric and Cheyla Snyder ! I love the silhouette!

Tammy Cho/Kim taken by Studio Q Photography... absolutely lovely!

And... Katie Schmidt/Dykler by Santiago Valencia Photography. Wow!

The windows become magical by the presence of such beautiful ladies (and men) and how each one is captured. 
I just love it!

Thank you to all the photographers and Bride and Grooms!

Smiles and Love,
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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