Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Fun With Bridesmaids!!

What can I say? These Bridesmaids are a hoot!
Thank you for supporting your Bride and being there for her!!!
Here are a few of my favorites!!

               Sarah and her ladies choice the hibiscus out in the front courtyard for their backdrop joking!

Shelby and her Bridesmaids with all the trees for the backdrop. Love it!

Hillary choice the rustic backdrop! Precious!

Kallie showed her fun incorporating the park bench! Waa Hoo!

Ashley's  close up is gorgeous!

 Tammy used the old fence as her backdrop to make them pop! Lovely!

Brandi and her ladies got close together with the old drive as their backdrop. She had eight and they fit!! So pretty!

Susan enjoyed time with her ladies in our grassy area and the sun was just right. I love the tenderness of this photo!

Brianna and her Bridesmaids showed their humor with the old drive as their backdrop. So Much FUN!

Stacy and her ladies stopped for a quick photo! Beautiful!

Shanntel and her ladies were smiles all around! Fresh and Lovely!

Kathleen's photos were a blast! She took a group shot (below) but I loved the individual photos of each Bridesmaid.  Each one was playful and showed off their personality!

 Here they are all! Lovely!!

Let's meet and start your planning!!!
Love and Smiles,
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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