Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Really, Really Good Find!!!

I wanted to have a post just highlighting a particular piece of art that I think is incredibly warm and wonderful! 
Truly, it is a work of art. 
At Marysia and Matt's wedding, Marysia's Mother, Leslie,  ordered this beautiful, personalized mini-quilt as a special gift for the Bride and Groom! Their entire wedding was made from the heart with Leslie making all the Bridesmaid's dresses, her own gown (and it was beautiful blue lace!!), helping with the bunting and the centerpieces. So, a gift like this was over the top spectacular for me!!
The mini-quilt was displayed on our Vienna Gates with bunting as the guests entered the property from their Church wedding.

For those of us that sew or that used to sew, or if you are learning how to sew or just enjoy the idea of sewing, this is really something beautiful!
The artist, Jamie Fingal, made this spectacular piece!! She added the fabric that Leslie had used on the bunting. It not only made the piece extra special but the details are extraordinary. 

Are you looking for a really, really special gift?
What a wonderful keepsake that is just plain old FUN!!
This is my "Really, Really Good Find!"

Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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