Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bunting Beauty!

Marysia and Matt knocked the ball out of the park with their playful bunting and all the special details that made their wedding so unique and personal. 
I enjoyed every step of the way! 
I'm waiting on the photographer's pictures but these will just have to do for now!

Here's what the guest saw as the entered the property from the valet. The mini personalized quilt along with the swags of bunting created the mood for the festivities and the celebration. I loved watching the guests expressions as they arrived.

The Bride's room doors were draped with colorful bunting.  Marysia added a family touch to the design. Her family photos made it extra special.  The mini chalk boards were attached by ribbon and identified each family member for all to admire. 

In the center, Matt and Marysia's engagement picture was hung with a beautiful vintage frame. The mini chalk board proudly displaying... Mr. and Mrs. Boeckman!

The centerpieces were so much fun! The table numbers were pictures Matt and Marysia took on their travels in Orange and around the city! It was  really interesting to see where the numbers had come from. Marysia had listed the location of the back of the frames!!  Brilliant!  She really thought through all the details! 
We started each centerpiece with a different frame and fabric. The crystal cake stands were next. The florist, Flower Allie, added the milk glass arrangements, bowl arrangements and the vintage blue canning jar arrangements. The flowers were full,  gorgeous, colorful and so refreshing!

Table Number 4: 4 AM! 

Marysia's parents were remodeling part of their house so she asked them to save the doors that they were replacing. With the help of her sister, (who flew in from teaching in South Africa) the doors were painted with the guest's seating. The tennis rackets and bunting were added that represented the joy the couple has of playing games together!

The guest book table was not complete at the time of this picture. We were waiting for the "tree" that the guests were going to thumb. Hehe. The thumb prints acted as the tree's leaves and that was their special guest book ... so to speak. But the table had bunting!! 

Here's the entrance to the back courtyard... the bunting  showing the  way!

The rich colors were a blast. The colorful Chinese lanterns above, the bunting on the Arch and the colorful fabric overlays just popped with radiance! When the guests arrived, the tables were alive with milk glass  floral arrangements.

The coffee station was decorated with bunting too! Hey, everything is better with bunting!

My favorite! The bunting for the Bride and Groom's chairs.
The Bar wanted to get in on the act also, so the wine barrel got bunted!!

I can hardly wait for the wedding pictures. 
Thank you Marysia and Matt for choosing the Jones Victorian Estate for your Wedding Reception.
 I absolutely loved it!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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