Monday, July 23, 2012

A Perfect Gift For The Guests!


So, it's wedding time and you are trying to figure out what gift favor to choose.
What would be the perfect gift for your guests?
A box of candy or truffles, a jar of jelly, a potted plant, a book marker, a eco-friendly light bulb, a gift coupon and basket, a jaw breaker, a jar of honey, a jar of maple syrup, a crystal Christmas ornament...what to do?!

How about a pair of Flip-flops?
Brandi Pate Coker in June had an old box that we lined with lace (keeping with her theme) and loaded it with different sized Flip Flops! They had a lace tie that indicated the size! So cute!!!
 She purchased them in her color scheme and displayed them for everyone to see with a proud sign; "Dancing Feet!"
Do you know what?
There wasn't a Flip-Flop left in sight. 
The guests loved them and their weary feet loved them too!   
Maybe or maybe not. It's a fun and thoughtful gift!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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