Friday, July 20, 2012

Becoming Dancing with the Stars!

I just had a lovely conversation with Ms. Kathy Corcoran of New Energy Ballroom Dance Studio about her new clients. She is a remarkable teacher with impeccable credentials and is so much fun!

 Yesterday, I met with my new Bride, Jade, for June 1, 2013 and her finance, Warren, and their maid of honor, Jessica.  We talked about colors and some design ideas but we also discussed  their first dance. They are so cute! They already have their first dance song chosen. So, I just had to give them Kathy's information.

 It can be so much fun and if you start early it can be a terrific date night! Just think how much better  your routine will be when you don't have to rush at the last minute! You might even learn more dances then you thought; Rumba, Swing, Two-Step, Waltz, Tango and etc. You can become a Dancing With the Stars!

Who do you contact? Easy!
Ms. Kathy Corcoran of New Energy Ballroom Dance Studio in Yorba Linda. She has a facebook page and is just starting her blog at She can be reached at (714) 993-0906! You won't be disappointed! Call Today!

I highly recommend her. I took lessons. My daughters and son took lessons. I want to take more dance lessons! :)

                                                            Let's Dance!
Thank you Rachell and Travis for your first dance photos.  The TANGO!
Thank you Joel of EMP Studios for always doing such an incredible job!!!

Michelle Gregory
The Jones Victorian Estate


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