Monday, July 16, 2012

Duck, Duck, Goose?

Meet Mrs. Duck.
 She's a mallard duck and comes back each year to lay her eggs and raise her family. 

I feel very honored that she is back!
We'll soon have about six to eight ducklings swimming in and out of the falls. 
When my twins were young, they would often "duck sit" for the mama duck.
 It was the most extraordinary site.  
The mama duck would bring her ducklings to the rock's edge to rest.  If the girls were close by, often with their feet in the water, she would actually leave. 
Once, she was gone for over an hour.
The girls were concerned when the time started ticking by. 
She did return.  
She was probably getting her nails done.

Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Where there is always something extraordinary going on! 

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