Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bunting, Bunting, Bunting!!!


It's a blast! It's an accessory that is fun and colorful! It has movement and beauty and it brings out the child in all of us. 
What is bunting? 
Well, according to Wikipedia it's also called Tammy! Who knew right? It's from the late 17th century and used for celebration! I bet you can picture bunting on the ships arriving home! Or, through the 4th of July celebrations! Or, big sale days! Right?
They are flags, ribbons or colorful festive decorations!
Colorful bunting is what we had at Marysia and Matt Boeckman's Wedding on June 16th!
Congratulations Marysia and Matt!!!!
It was a remarkable show of beautiful bunting!  Marysia so enjoyed finding an assortment of fabrics in her colors. She then  delegated the job of making the bunting to Matt's mother and her mother and I even jumped in on all the fun! 

Mrs. Boeckman sewed all the  flags for the gazebo and I loved the textured edges and all the colors!

Matt and Marysia loved tennis along with board games. We tied the rackets on the tree with bunting. 

The bar had to join the fun so I sewed a Bar Bunting for the wine barrel!

The doors of the Bride's room where part of the fun too! The bunting first and then photographs next...

What's this? It's the bunting backdrop we hung for the photo booth! Brilliant!

Here's the gazebo as we figured out how long we needed the bunting to be to wrap all around!

Since Matt and Marysia were getting married at the Church, the flowers were added later but the Bunting was ready to go.

This is a quick picture I took of their Save The Date Cards! Marysia made them all and the bunting on the card set the stage for our accent and enthusiasm!!

The next post.... The finished product!
Just Wait!!!

Be Bold!!

Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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