Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Children... How Do You Feel About It?


I am often asked, "Should I have children in my wedding?" 
Or, "It's not appropriate to have children as a guest... right?"
Or, "Do I have to invite the children too?"
Or, "What is your child policy?"

If you don't want children at your wedding, then make that decision as soon as possible and move on!
After all, it's your day and it's the one time that it is really up to you.  

My child policy is simple. If you want them at your wedding, then they will be our special guest. 

Here's Brooke with the littlest member of her bridal party! I love this picture!

 Actually, Brooke had three flower girls!

This is precious Adaline. She was one of our flower girls!

 Seriously, the ring bearer stole the show! I love his hat!
 At Katie's wedding, this cutie-pie took advantage of the photo booth and his freedom of expression!!
 We caught the whole group at one place at Katie and Teddy's wedding!

 If you are going to have children, special gifts always work well on the day of the event.
For me, I always have an assortment of popsicles on hand!!
 Here's Katie and her flower girl! Simply adorable!!
 Sarah and Greg delighted the guests with these tennis shoe wearing ring bearers. Oh, and they did a fabulous job carrying the sign too!!
 Thumbs up from the ring bearer and big smiles from the flower girls!

 So, what do I think about children at a wedding?
I love it! That's me on the left!

If you are planning on including children, have fun with it! We do!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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